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10-Feb-2017 12:45

Two things on evangelism we pastors must lead our congregations in 1.

Does your congregation think that evangelism is something only for those with the gift of evangelism, or do they understand biblically that it is for all Christians?

The settlement eventually expanded into Utah and became incorporated as the twin municipalities of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona.

The historic location of the church was in Hildale and Colorado City, but the church also has a long-standing colony in Bountiful, British Columbia.

The split occurred largely because of the LDS Church's suspension of the practice of polygamy and its decision to excommunicate its members who would continue the practice.

The exact number of members of the FLDS Church is unknown due to the relatively closed nature of the organization.

who we are | statement of beliefs | congregations | holy days calendar | feasts The Church of God International (Philippines) has many congregations and we always welcome visitors and newcomers.

Our worship services are open to the public and there is no pre-screening or interview conducted prior to your visit.

Other newer church settlements are 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Pringle, South Dakota and Mancos, Colorado with a presence in Minot, North Dakota.

So if you have been wondering, “Is this all there is? Jesus has a lot more for you than just a "religion." He wants to have a real, vital, genuine My name is Brian Cooper.

Tonight we want to talk about the church and evangelism. We need to understand the congregation’s responsibility for evangelism We must teach them that every Christian must evangelize.

Luke teaches that the overflow of the heart informs the mouth. Jesus talks about how we Christians, as a distinct group, evidence his love as we love one another, in a way that the world should only be able to understand as supernatural.

If the heart is grateful to God for reconciliation with him through the gospel, then it will want to testify to that. Pastors should teach the history of God’s displaying himself through a people God has repeatedly displayed his character in a corporate people. There’s something in the quality and texture of that that is inexplicable to the fallen world. Pastors should lead in equipping a congregation in evangelism We pray and work to develop a culture of evangelism.

They each claim to have THE Way; THE Truth; and THE Life, and that no one gets to heaven without being a part of their organization!

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