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26-Nov-2016 18:06

The Java-ness is a given, but few folks outside of Indonesia have heard of Madura, a hot, infertile island stretching off of Java’s northeast coast near Surabaya, nor haveyou likely heard of its people, the Madurese.

Because of the tough conditions in their motherland, the Madurese are famous for immigrating ( stalls and barber shops are found all across Indonesia.

After a few more up and down the East Coast, they had mapped out all of the details.

They opened their shop — Java Jukebox — with a side of entertainment this June.

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Located in Henlopen City Square, the 3,000-square-foot-space features plush arm chairs and couches, high top tables, an old fashioned jukebox and a stage for live music, comedians, poetry slams and open mic nights."We wanted to offer coffee, with a little extra," said Nan Martino.