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But it’s never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone, until now. I would say what they’re against, which is easier to define, is a philosophy of invite the world, invade the world.JOHN YANG: Clinton’s campaign backed up their candidate’s message online with this new video that includes a Ku Klux Klan member expressing support for Trump. They are generally anti-intervention and anti-multiculturalism. And they started to grow in 2007, as the Bush administration was falling to below 30 percent, was seen as discredited, was obviously going to help Democrats win the next election.Dustin Buttrick, a twenty-two-year-old man living in Elliot, Maine, crossed over the state line into New Hampshire, having arranged to rendezvous with a fourteen-year-old girl he met over the Internet to have sex. This appeal addresses two legal questions previously raised in defendant's motion for a judgment of acquittal or, in the alternative, a new trial. § 2423(b), is unconstitutional as applied to him because it punishes mere thought and burdens the right to travel.The “girl” turned out to have been a fiction; Buttrick was caught in a sting operation set up by the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Police Department. Buttrick argues that the statute of conviction, 18 U. The statute provides, in relevant part: A person who travels in interstate commerce ․ for the purpose of engaging in any illicit sexual conduct with another person shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.

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