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In an interview from her home in Pittsburgh, Weinberg, the matchmaker who co-founded the Jewish dating website Saw You At (SYAS), recalls her confusion when a man whom she thought was in a relationship asked to come to her Hanukkah party for singles.

Asked why he would attend a singles party, the man said he wanted to marry the woman he was dating, but he hated her dog.

Tucson AZ 85739 520-825-8175Samuel M Cohon, Senior Rabbi Batsheva Appel, Rabbi Educator Donna M Beyer, Executive Director 225 N Country Club Road Tucson AZ 85716 520-327-4501 Fax: 520-327-4505 [email protected] N Canyon Dr.

When the woman balked, Weinberg said, “I’ll take the dog.” Within a few months, Weinberg was a pet owner, and the couple was married.The history of religious Jewish music spans the evolution of cantorial, synagogal, and Temple melodies since Biblical times.The earliest synagogal music of which we have any account was based on the system used in the Temple in Jerusalem.The Mishnah gives several accounts of Temple music.

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After the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD and the subsequent dispersion of the Jews to Babylon and Persia, versions of the public singing of the Temple were continued in the new institution of the synagogue.If you are not a member of one now, take some time to find a congregation or synagogue that will bring satisfaction into your Jewish life. Below are listings of our area congregations and synagogues. Chabad On Ephraim Zimmerman, Rabbi 1217 W Faldo Dr. Tucson AZ 85711 520-745-5550 Fax: 520-745-9058 [email protected] Alpert, Hazzan 3881 E River Road Tucson AZ 85711 520-577-1171 N Norris Ave.