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01-May-2017 13:30

Read more: The son of a Minnesota man accused of being a Nazi unit commander says stories about his father are false and that he can't comment on a prosecutor's claim that evidence shows his father was suspected of contributing to the death of 44 Poles.

By now many have seen the video of an unidentified man punching white nationalist Richard Spencer in the face during inauguration weekend.

They sought an arrest warrant for him from a court in eastern Poland, a step toward extradition.

Judge Dariusz Abramowicz told the AP Wednesday the regional court in Lublin issued a warrant, based on 13 volumes of evidence, including documents from the U.

They were both charged in Clay County District Court Thursday with nine counts of felony theft.

Poland will seek the arrest and extradition of Minneapolis resident Michael Karkoc, a former commander in an SS-led unit that burned Polish villages and killed civilians in the Second World War, prosecutors said.

In the resulting melee, Jews, Irishmen, Communists, anarchists, and socialists beat Mosley’s men with sticks, rocks, and sawed-off chair-legs.

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With Trump’s campaign having summoned all sorts of white supremacists and other trolls from under their bridges, the old war—which I first got a front-row glimpse into a decade agoappears ready to re-ignite.

The group planned on using the money to launch a project identifying and countering neo-Nazi recruitment online.