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Using a variety of techniques, the researchers compared the T.

rex and mastodon protein sequences with those of 21 living animals, including ostriches, chickens, and alligators.

rex, we were able to establish these relationships with a relatively high degree of support," Dr Organ said. rex branch on the phylogenetic tree between alligators and chickens and ostriches, though we cannot resolve this position with currently available data." John Asara and Lewis Cantley, of Harvard Medical School, were the first experts to capture and sequence pieces of collagen protein from T. "Most of the collagen sequence was obtained from protein and genome databases," Dr Asara said, "but we also needed to sequence some critical organisms, including modern alligator and modern ostrich. rex grouped with birds – ostrich and chicken – better than any other organism that we studied.

We also showed that it groups better with birds than modern reptiles, such as alligators and green anole lizards." The study, published in the latest edition of the journal Science, will add to the growing evidence that birds are descended directly from a group of dinosaurs that grew feathers, possibly as a form of thermal insulation, before they learnt to fly.

Researchers believe T-rex may have lost its feathers due to its large size and because it no longer needed insulation.

The study seems to rescue the giant lizard's reputation as a fearsome killer with a rough-and-tough hide - although not all scientists are convinced.

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"These results match predictions made from skeletal anatomy, providing the first molecular evidence for the evolutionary relationships of a non-avian dinosaur," said Chris Organ, a researcher in evolutionary biology at Harvard University in the US.

Researchers studied skin patches of the neck, pelvis and tail of a T.

rex (pictured) from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, as well as samples from four other members of the extended tyrannosaurid family The team concluded that 'extensive feather coverings' in tyrannosaurids - which lived much earlier - were already lost in the common forefather of T.

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