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This is because female baboons and chimpanzees redden when nearing ovulation, marking the ideal time to mate. It is thought that there are parallels between the humans and the animals as we are very much like them through our early ancestors.

A study by two University of Rochester psychologists published October 28, 2008 by the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology” looked deeper into the subject, being the first supportive evidence for society’s love of red as explained by modern science.

There is often a sense of ownership and inherent superiority on the part of males towards females even in the loosest of relationships, and a total intolerance of the idea of a female having the audacity to break a relationship.

Let me emphasise again, that this is very much a generalisation, there are men in every culture with such views, but Latino culture has it as a predominant belief.

Red is everywhere on many holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. There are two different theories highlighting the obsession, one stating that the love for red is strictly societal conditioning.

In a society seeing red, scientists uncover the reason the crimson colour is so coveted and craved.

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I took my family to court, was legally emancipated in 1998.The “nature” aspect, however, says that this love is from a biological history.Researching our cousins, the nonhuman male primates, we can see that they have the same adoration for red. Across time and across culture, it’s red that’s been the passionate hue.

It is by the “nurture” aspect that people grow accustomed to red being an attractive colour because of the way it is portrayed.We all have a story, we all have our own demons, we all have our own issues and fears.

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