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If you are in serious bear country, consider saving the urge for another time. If you are in an RV or trailer, be careful that the old, "if the trailers rocking, don't come knocking, " clich doesn't apply.Consider doing your thing on the floor, closer to the natural center of gravity to keep the dishes from rattling and the springs squeaking. Most everyone loves getting on, but few of us like dealing with the mess afterwards.With their looks of disgust, alarm, and defiant boredom, the photos felt like Wanted posters. Friends who hadnt been trying, who wanted to wait before hatching number two, got pregnant. Clearly, these potato-faced outlaws were itching for trouble, plotting to drive their parents to ruin and an early grave. On the front was the silhouette of a woman with extraordinarily long hair, and the name of a prescription drug Id never heard of. How many libraries, playgrounds, and schools, I wondered, did people need to be happy? My mother, having given birth to four children, all of whom, except for me, had procreated, pressed the issue of my husband seeing a doctor. You know you cant have just one, my mother said, as though babies were peanuts. At least a dog wont grow up to write a tell-all book about what lousy parents you were. No home was complete without one, curled up at your feet while you read the paper, barking at strangers, trotting alongside the kid as she flies her first kite. According to tests, Douglass sperm count was average, the speed and motility of his swimmers normal, if, his doctor said, a little on the sluggish side. Still, I could imagine his sperm, a file of pale balding men in Bermuda trunks and sunglasses, wading out to stand knee-deep in water, arms crossed, reluctant to go any further. In truth, we had sex more than pandas, but less than dogs. And month after month, the plague of babies spread.

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This is especially true along water where sound can travel for great distances. Sweat and body oils work on breaking down the materials of your sleeping bag.