The pitfalls of radiocarbon dating

29-Jul-2017 21:26

Serendipity is how Bill Pickard, the societys assistant curator, described the events. And dating means destroying part of a collection to obtain organic samples. They might not understand the exact time 100 years, 1,000 years when they are 10.

It started when Richard Sisson, a former Ohio State University provost, called from his home in New Mexico because he was researching a book. In this case, Sisson and a group of students at Columbus School for Girls helped finance the project. But they understand all the different forms of science needed to learn more about history and how all of the different disciplines weave together.

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[....] For an understanding of the expansion process, it appears appropriate to apply a diffusive model.

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Two fragments of black locust tree bark and one fragment of a plant-woven textile were adequate to produce three test results that dated the materials to 100 B. Carbon occurs in almost every organic life form on Earth.

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