Dating and chicken soup

17-Aug-2016 09:57

A large pan of chicken soup will feed you and your family for days, and is worth the time it takes, although the effort is minimal.I use carcasses that my butcher ties in a net or muslin bag, to allow the flavour to seep into the soup without allowing the tiny bones that disintegrate during the long, slow cooking to pass into the soup."I really recommend using leftover chicken if you can, especially the rotisserie type available at many grocery stores.Rotisserie chicken has a lot of flavor and really makes the soup taste great." Looking for more where this came from?Add the onion, celery, and garlic and sauté until the onion becomes translucent. Let the flour mixture cook for about a minute and then stir in the half-and-half. Cook the gnocchi according to the package directions. Once the mixture has thickened, stir in the chicken broth.When the mixture thickens again, add the cooked gnocchi, spinach, and seasonings; simmer the soup over medium-low heat until it is heated through.I separated from my husband of 25 years a few months ago.After living with bone-crushing aloneness within that relationship for a decade, followed by months actively grieving that loss, I found myself ready for some companionship.

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However, if you can not find a net or muslin bag, do not worry. Of course, there are many variations of this wholesome and nutritious dish, and you will find much debate over whether a whole chicken, chicken carcass or boiling fowl should be the star, as well as which vegetables should feature; turnip and swede are commonplace.It is often the course that is enjoyed most by the majority of guests, and my kids absolutely love it.