Victoria and nichkhun really dating

26-Dec-2016 03:52

Posted: , Author: Yhyza However, it seems the two may be seeing each other on meeting dating websites stage still for 2PM is working on their comeback planned for June, and Girls' Generation are also expected to be returning with new music around June to July.

Nichkhun - Asian Wiki on june 2010, he was cast in the second season of variety show we got married, pairing up with victoria of f(x).

A representative of JYP Entertainment explained, “It is true that the two recently broke up.

The reason they broke up is a personal matter, so there was no mention of it.

Victorious actress and, lying Game actor, who first began dating back in 2011.

"They are at different points in their life and both had been traveling.

They're really the best couple ever, they took care of each other as a real couple, and they're matching so well together! I just think that Khuntoria is a match made in heaven! I really like them : D they are just too perfect to be real :/ I'm totally fond of them! I love the way they stares at each other and take good care.And I think he pissed Sones even more off by going towards the Khuntoria crowd like that ㅠ Khun, we know you love Tiffany but Tiffany's just as precious to us as she is to you ㅠ3. [ 19, -0] Crazy WGM delusionals still exist ㅎㅎㅎㅎ dumb b*tches7.[ 45, -8] I swear, it's always the Chinese fans who still believe all of these delusional WGM ships even when they're dating someone else. [ 25, -0] He's in a public relationship, how is it normal for him at all to stand in front of a Khuntoria crowd and feed their delusions even more? And Chinese delusionals are so crazy, this only made them crazier. [ 17, -0] Nichkhun has never lashed out at any Khuntoria fan because he knows he needs their Chinese money.8.I hope they can be a real couple cause they're such a sweet couple. They are really a the great couple and cutest among all the couple in we got married I'm Khuntoria's fan in Vietnam, Vietnam has a lot of fans Khuntoria.

Thank god this news broke today and not a few days earlier on April 1st lest there is a first round of “It’s a joke! If 2013 was the year of K-entertainment actor and actress dating news breakthroughs, then 2014 currently belongs to the ladies of (Girl’s Generation) and no one else.[ 10, -0] It might just be fan service to him but I want to ask Khun if he intends to accept those delusional shippers each time and smile for them all for that Chinese money. Khuntoria probably pisses her enough as it is but now she has to watch her own boyfriend coddle them like this?