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She is usually depicted as the ideal multi-tasker, with six hands, riding a tiger. This Beautiful barrel ended day bed, known as a diwan in India, has been made out of wood and woven cane.

The wood is the strongest and most durable kind of teak, and the bed itself has been woven by indigenous women in ...

Initially high Th/U, high heavy rare earth element (HREE) zircon crystallized rapidly from melt from 544 ± 9 Ma under open-system conditions in which the host-rock mineralogy had no chemical impact.

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from a leucogranitic vein in migmatitic gneiss at Kulappara in the Kerala Khondalite Belt (Trivandrum Block), India, demonstrate accessory mineral crystallization from an evolving melt-bearing system from occurred during its growth in the evolving melt, correlated with a dramatic change in microtexture from initial ‘hopper’-like feathered-core and outer planar sector domains to darker planar zones and elliptical to lobate infilling and replacement zircon.This 150 years old, Karnataka based hand-carved tribal wooden mask is one of an astonishing tribal mask collection in our showroom.Features a female form, this type of mask is used by various tribes in Karnatak...The caves were discovered by Fred Fawcett, a police official of the erstwhile Malabar state in 1890 who immediately recognised their anthropological and historical importance.

He wrote an article about them, attracting the attention of scholars.

It also represents the rich cavalry history of Midwest India. Lord Krishna, according to Hindu Mythology, held particular reverence for the beauty of shepherd or cowherding girls.