Good link not updating calendar after re prov

15-Aug-2016 00:56

good link not updating calendar after re prov-20

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Due to the removal now the servers SMB shares couldn’t be approached any longer over the network.So please check your SMB status with: Get-SMBServer Configuration before doing something drastic like removing SMB features.The two most helpfull articles come from big MS itself: How to enable and disable SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3 in Windows and Windows Server and Wanna Crypt attacks: guidance for Azure customers.After patching and removing the feature (directly instead of just disabling it first) on a Windows 2012R2 Server, I discovered I couldn’t browse to the server any longer.Windows 10 is probably Microsoft’s finest operating system to date, but it's definitely not without its issues.

During a power cycle event, the endpoint fails to obtain an IP address, which prevents it from registering.And look what we found: It appeared SMB1 Protocol was still turned on, however due to the removal of the feature entirely from the Server, the machine wasn’t reachable any longer through UNC, IP and even localhost.