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23-Oct-2016 13:58

Traduit part : une-fan-de-Nalu Image 1: Partie droite:"Je l'ai rendu grosse" ou "je l'ai rendu enceinte"Levy: Ahh~ je deviens de plus en plus grosse, j'arrive a peine a marcher... Gajeel: Tes fesses et ta poitrine ont pris de belles formes aussi t'as vu ?

What if Lucy went on a solo mission that would change her life for the better?

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What do you get when you clash an arrogant playboy and the girl the whole school makes fun of? What will happen when the girls have to go undercover and tell Raven Tail all the Fairy Tail's weaknesses, and they fall in love. Review Lucy Heartfilia, like most, wears a Matcher, a magical lock or key that cannot be released until their soulmate is found and bonded. Strong/Powerful Lucy, Rated M for possible lemon(s) in the future.

That's some party venue: Harper holds her balloon at Buckingham Palace.… continue reading »

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