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19-Jun-2017 12:17

Above, a stock image of Harare, where both men were picked up In Zimbabwe, The Herald reported that Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said one of the two recent victims, aged 37, was picked up in Harare on May 27 by a car containing one man and two women.

A woman who came aboard at the same time, the policeman said, pointed what seemed to be a pistol at the man after the driver had taken the car on a detour.

In 2015, another man - also aged 29 - was allegedly raped at gunpoint after being given a ride from Magunje Growth Point.

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It comes as a man in neighbouring South Africa was left traumatised after being raped 'numerous' times by three women after hailing a cab last week.

One of the men said he was threatened with a pistol before being sexually molested, while the other said he was raped while knocked unconsciously after being offered a spiked drink.

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