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“There are artists like Fiona Apple who I love and always look to-she bares herself and her soul and is so honest about her life, whats going on with her emotionally.I realised I could either write something that doesnt mean as much to me or I could write what means absolutely everything to me. I had to try and grow as a writer and musician.” And thank god he did.“I know people are jealous of me because our boss is always praising my hard work and perfect attendance record,” she says. Last week people were complaining that I kept sneezing and blowing my nose into my hands at work. Thanks for being such a positive role model for fucking contagious working women everywhere!So I baked cupcakes and hand delivered them to everyone in the office! , most episodes of the show start with a feeling he calls brain fever. You feel hot suddenly, like ‘I can’t believe this is a thing’,” he says, voice rising down the line from his home studio in Brooklyn.Although the show is produced at WNYC public radio in New York, which also makes other shows including starts out in Jad’s studio.Each has its own sassy quip like “Home is where the vodka is”, “Suck it up buttercup” and “Dance like no one attractive is watching”, and other humorous and subversive sayings.

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With more than 70 illustrations to color, this beautifully bound storybook is an adventurously entertaining celebration of The Princess Bride.

Katie Wilson’s attendance record is legendary around her office, where she has worked for most of her adult life. “So when I started working here six years ago, I wasn’t going to miss a day just because I had some highly fucking contagious stomach bug. “Whether she has a dry hacking cough, crusty, scabby, pinkeye or just like a fucking insane sinus infection — there she is at her desk, working hard even though she’s like, hacking and wheezing,” said Andy, a coworker who sits next to Katie in their open-plan office.

That’s because 30-year-old Katie has never missed a single day of work, even when she’s sick as a dog and extremely contagious. “It’s really inspiring.” Katie has enjoyed pretty good health throughout her impressive six-year attendance streak, but she has admittedly had to soldier through a couple rough patches.

Custom-built after he won a prestigious Mac Arthur “Genius’ Grant” in 2011, it’s filled with a mix of high-tech digital equipment and analogue synths.

Jad spends hours in there writing music and layering it with interviews, sound effects and field recordings as well as the often improvised (but highly edited) back and forth between him and Robert Krulwich that forms the narration and backbone of the show.One coworker, who wished to remain anonymous said, “Who cares if she’s never missed a day of work??

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