Valerie bertinelli dating now houstron chronicle dating

29-Oct-2016 15:51

Then, in 2004, he was put under two years of supervised probation after he got into ANOTHER violent scuffle!And this is the man Valerie is telling her friends is her "soul mate." Oh yeah, she knows all about his shady past, but she is telling everyone he has put it behind him.Bertinelli famously dropped nearly 50 pounds as a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, but 35 of those gradually snuck back.As Valerie’s weight loss success diminishes Oprah’s rises and the investment in Weight Watchers just may give the mega entrepreneur the ability to corner the market when it comes to celebrity weight loss endorsements.

The TV vet told People: 'How insane are you to call that young woman fat?And this doesn’t just have Valerie Bertinelli feeling depressed.