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We compare these materials with existing rutiles used already (R19 and R10; Luvizotto et al., 2009; Zack et al., 2011) and show that the measured UPb compositions (i.e.

including any common Pb) of our rutiles are considerably more homogeneous.

This makes possible a UPb normalisation procedure (not reliant upon a common Pb correction) that results in a significant decrease in the uncertainty contribution from the common Pb correction and better reproducibility of reference materials and unknowns for provenance analysis and other applications.

Detrital rutile from the same rock yield a unimodal age spectrum with a mean age of ca. The detrital zircon age spectrum from the Reynolds Range Group is similar, although the youngest cluster of ages is younger and dates to between 1800 Ma and 1780 Ma.540 Ma oceanic rocks juxtaposed at depth with lower-crustal rocks of the structurally overlying Teplá–Barrandian Unit.This interpretation refutes earlier models in which the Mariánské Lázně Complex was interpreted as a dismembered Cambro-Ordovician ophiolite complex affected by Variscan subduction.Metamorphic zircon in mafic rocks of the Mariánské Lázně Complex, as well as monazite from orthogneiss, and titanite in leucosome yield ages around 380 Ma.

On the basis of detailed petrography and cathodoluminescence imaging we conclude that the .1860 Ma detrital zircon age cluster in previously published provenance studies from the Lander Rock Formation to uplift and erosion of the Halls Creek–Pine Creek Orogen.