How to just be friends after dating

21-Mar-2017 17:49

Or you could actually become friends, turning all of those sour feelings into positive learning experiences and then into an actual, real, true friendship.But how possible is it to genuinely befriend someone with whom you once shared a great romance? Too much baggage, too many hurt feelings, and the far too many times that person saw you naked often cloud the path to friendship.I have not been playing games or putting out feelers in any way.I feel now like I am ready to start being friends with him again, but I don't know how. I have avoided him, to a large extent, so to move back toward platonic friendship feels a little awkward. And how do I put aside all remaining feelings for him so that I can just be friends?In the movie, Harry, played by Billy Crystal, was adamant that it wasn’t possible because the issue of sex always got in the way. This week, science has declared that Harry was right all along.Put simply, it means that given half a chance, most men would jump at the opportunity of having sex with their female friends.

We think that if you really like a man, if you really enjoy his company, his mind, his good manners, his humour and if you’re single, why wouldn’t you want to sleep with him?

While I was ‘like a brother’ to her, she was like Bridget Bardot to me. I never missed a birthday or a note of congratulation when she got her degree, married her husband or gave birth to her children. When they say they want a cuddle, they really do just want a cuddle.

When a man says he wants a cuddle, he means that he will tolerate one in the hope it leads to sex.

However, he abruptly broke up with me, with little explanation, a few months later.

He was intentional — he called my dad, whom he had never met, and asked for permission to court me.

I immediately cut off all communication with him (email, Facebook, phone) because I recognized that this would make things more difficult for both of us.