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26-Jul-2016 11:12

At the start of the new millennium, Jana found success with chart-topping club hits like “More Than Life” and her cover of Led Zeppelin’s epic, “Stairway to Heaven,” earning her the honor of being the first Native American female to land on the Billboard dance charts.Despite her fast-paced career, Jana has still found time to give back by establishing her non-profit organization, Jana’s Kids, in 2002.

The Lumbee Indian singer-songwriter has also won 7 NAMMY Awards (Native American Music Awards) over the course of her career. There are stories of close encounters with UFOs and miraculous healings in a place called Area Q. They are kidnapping folks, aging them backwards, and then having them reborn once their programming is complete. In the words of the film, imagine ten thousand Gandhis (is that the plural of Gandhi?