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Techniques for the study of mycorrhiza Academic Press, London.

Molecular and enzymatic groupings of fungi from tropical orchids of Western Australia and their patterns of tissue colonisation.

Thus, clays are relevant because they help us to understand the evolution of planets and other extraterrestrial bodies, particularly with respect to the distribution and role of volatiles in the solar system. To understand the impact of clay nanoparticles on our environment and health, it is important to accurately characterize their microstructure, composition, and behavior.

This session will focus on how clays can be used to decode geological processes, and we invite contributions that highlight the role of clays in extraterrestrial environments within a geo-chemical and mineralogical context, covering the following key issues: − Main convener: David Bish, Indiana University Bloomington, United States ([email protected]); − Co-conveners: Christian Mavris, Department of Earth Sciences, Natural History Museum of London, United Kingdom ([email protected]); Ralph Milliken, Brown University, Providence, United States ([email protected]); Javier Cuadros, Department of Earth Sciences, Natural History Museum of London, United Kingdom (J. Advances in modern technology have greatly improved quantitative methods of data analysis in the structural and chemical characterization of clays, and in the understanding of fundamental processes involving clays.

Most recently, significant progress in thorough characterization of complex and/or defective lamellar structures, including natural materials, clay nanomaterials, and mixed-layered structures has been achieved through the combination of experimental and computational/simulation approaches.

This session will be devoted to recent developments and advances of individual techniques, and to new possibilities offered by their combination.

22 - Südtirol und die Dolomiten Christian Weise Verlag, München, 2002 ISBN 3-921656-59-1 Christian Weise (editor) extra Lapis No.

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They grow on rock, walls, gravestones, roofs, exposed soil surfaces, and in the soil as part of a biological soil crust. Factors influencing the occurrence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas.

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