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I wouldn't marry again but I would totally commit and be someone's soulmate.I've spent a long time searching but I've had it with me, my whole life." And, although she's spent two decades in the limelight, Anastacia - who has battled two bouts of cancer, has an on-going fight with Crohn's Disease and has a rare heart condition that leaves her with an irregular pulse - has finally let go of her body hang ups.“The popular outcry from the fans is there is no more [villain] Rasputin, and there’s no more [bat] Bartok,” Klena continues.“There are whole different villains in the show, but it’s great.She explained: "In my 20s, I had the perfect body but I didn't know what I had because I had so many insecurities.Now I'm in my 40s, I'm way more comfortable even though I have a million more scars!“They’ve pushed the strong family values that are incorporated in the Romanov legacy and the Romanov story and still keep this magical fairytale element to it,” says Klena, “so it’s fun and exciting, and the audience really won’t know what to expect the whole time.

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'The UK has always risen above their adversities and come together.

“It was kind of a dream come true,” says Anastasia’s leading man, Derek Klena, at the July 25 screening of Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox’s Florence Foster Jenkins for the Broadway community.