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Relates the descents from the younger Members of the lapsed Barony of Caus ; and the subsequent formation of their descendants into the various Houses — House of Chaddesley-Corbet and Chetton (including Manors of Ymeney, Tiddeshall, etc., in Worcestershire ; and the inherited lands in Northumberland, Durham and Surrey) ; House of Hope, House of Leigh-juxta-Caus with its lands in Leicestershire ; House of Leighton and its lands in Cheshire. Removal of House of Leigh to Albright Hussie and again later to Sundorne. CHAPTER XL Short sketches of some well-known Corbets. Subsequent inheritance of Morton Toret and lands in Yorkshire to the alienation of Wattlesborough through marriage 209 A. ; short sketch of Corbets of Norfolk, who claim descent from Corbets of Moreton Corbet, but not proved ; creation of Baronetcy and its lapse from failure of Male Line 238 A. Founding of important sub-branch of Corbets of Stoke and Adderley. Adoption of new crest (the Elephant and Castle) ; temporary assumption of second "t " to the name.

Rise and formation of the knightly House of Corbets of Wattlesborough— the elder Branch— with Legend and Tradition. Description of the Battle of Shrewsbury ; marriage with the heiress, Elizabeth Hopton, Wars of the Roses, Caxton and intro- duction of Printing ; Battle of Bosworth Field, etc. Sketches of short sub-branches of Stanwardine and descendants of Jerome Corbet.

II LONDON THE ST CATHERINE PRESS STAMFORD STREET • S. THIS SECOND VOLUME v/ritten during the progress of the Great War is dedicated to the memory of SIR ROLAND JAMES CORBET, BART Coldstream Guards HEAD OF THE FAMILY OF CORBET killed at Givenchy, France, April 15th 1915 ' England mourns for her dead across the sea." 'They went with songs to the battle, they were young. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted. Introduction of the name "Andrew " ; death of the first Sir Andrew. Short sketch of his brother and successor, Richard, knight of the Bath. Curse of the Puritan made to Sir Vincent, his benefactor. Contains details of the Civil Wars connected with the Family of Corbet and Shropshire on the Royalist side. History of the sub-branch of Corbets of Stoke and Adderley.

Absorption of all, by surviving House of Leigli-juxta-Caus. Final loss of Male Heir and end of the Line page 163 A. Formation of the House of Longnor, with its history till the creation of the Baronetcy, with its lapse from the supposed failure of the Male Line. Change of the old Castle of Moreton Corbet to an Italian Mansion. Continues history of the Family of Corbet through the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, James I, Charles I, to the beginning of the Civil War ; relates some ravages of the " Plague " ; death of Robert, Traveller and Diplomatist.

Film appearances include: Flight of the Intruder, 1991; Tombstone, 1993; Wedding Bell Blues, 1996; Volcano, 1997; Desperate but Not Serious, 1999; Dinner Rush, 2000; Serendipity, 2001; Prancer Returns, 2001; My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 2002; My Dinner with Jimi, 2003; Raising Helen, 2004.

Actor John Corbett ventured into new on–screen territory in 2003 when he appeared in the FX Channel series Lucky.

3 1833 01204 3722 Gc 929.2 CSlc V.2 1135539 THE FAMILY OF CORBET ROLAND JAMES CORBET Ji BARONET, OF MORETON CORBET, CO. Succession of the second Baronet of Moreton Corbet. Salop Frontispiece South-west View of Shrewsbury face page 164 Old Church of St.

Her remarriage to Sir Charles Lee, of Edmonton ; her death and burial at Edmonton in 1683. A few remarks concerning the Corbets of Avenbury, Sir Julian Corbett, knt., anl others, their presumable descendants, and details of some of the Family of Corbet who have settled in Ireland PEDIGREES ILLUSTRATING THE TEXT CHAPTER X Pedigree of the Houses of Chaddesley-Corbet, Hope, Leigh-juxta-Caus, Leighton, subse- quently of Albright Hussie and Sundorne face page 191 CHAPTER XI Two Pedigrees of House of Longnor (past and present) face page 208 CHAPTER XIH Pedigree Corbets of Norfolk face page 261 CHAPTER XIV Pedigree, Corbets of Stanwardine face page 271 Pedigree, Descendants of Jerome Corbet face page 274 CHAPTER XV Pedigree of Corbets of Humfreston and Ynnysymaengwyn face page 320 CHAPTER XVI Pedigree of Descendants of Arthur Corbet face page 349 CHAPTER XVII Pedigree of Corbets of Stoke and Adderley face page 357 Pedigree of Head of the Family of Corbet— Corbets of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet face page 368 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Roland James Corbet (Coldstream Guards), Baronet, of Moreton Corbet, co.

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