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The first map, like the original, charts the surplus of men or women ages 18-64.As in 2007, the odds still favor single men on the East Coast, single women on the West. Conversely, there are roughly 50,000 more single men than women in San Diego; a surplus of 38,000 men in Seattle; and over 20,000 more single men than women in San Jose, San Francisco, L. The odds also favor single women in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St.After a two hour "Interview/interrogation" to see if I would be special enough to qualify, James somehow got me to sign over 00 to join his elite dating site. So I cannot file a complaint since he did nothing wrong legally. Because once you hand over your 00 or 00, there is no turning back.Getting your money back is not ever an option If you don't like the site you are stuck - you either are forced to stay on their crappy site or you can just ditch the site and eat your loss.State laws recognize the capacity of individuals to enter into marriage or otherwise make legal decisions, which includes both mental capacity and maturity.

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But the picture changes when we look at the ratio of single women to men and vice versa (essentially controlling for metros with larger and smaller populations). Atlanta has just *1,100 single women per 1,000 single men.

Once again, the places with the highest ratios are smaller metros: Hanford-Corcoran, California, with 1,859 single men per 1,000 single women; Jacksonville, North Carolina, with 1,777; The Villages, Florida, with 1,724; Watertown-Fort Drum, New York, with 1,445; and Michigan City-La Porte, Indiana, with 1,438.

But the truth is, the most realistic picture is achieved by charting singles across a series of age ranges. Younger single men outnumber younger single women across the board.

See Find Law's Emancipation of Minors section for additional articles and resources.

Age of Majority in Georgia Georgia's age of majority is 18.

When you turn 18, you will gain many of the rights and responsibilities that most other adults have.