Dating friends in kerala

09-Oct-2016 15:05

She replied " That you guys are basically MCPs (Male Chauvinists) and also have a strong tendancy to go around talking in your favourite film dialogues.1) I don't know about being an MCPs but yeah we might not be your exact feministic ideal men.

So if you are outing with us in a group and if I find another Malayali in the group, you may have to constantly remind us to shift back to Hindi/English (And yeah most of us know enough Hindi to survive).6) We love a good comedy show and is so proud of the comedy in our films. Either we have heard a better version or it is not up to par.7) We are intelligent but sometimes lazy and aloof.

None of this is an insult to my fellow Malayali friends or other brothers.

Most of these are generalization but there can be exceptions.

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I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant and safe site.We have become so close as friends we have adopted each other as forgotten sisters!

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