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* Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media Multi-disciplinary team that develops online teaching resources, digital collections and exhibits, open-source software, and training in digital literacy and skills.

- : Profiles for more than 30,000 public, academic, special and government libraries, and library-related organizations in the United States, and Canada including addresses, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses, network participation, expenditures, holdings and special collections, key personnel, special services, and more over 40 categories of library information in all.

"They stab it with their steeley knives ..." refers to a cocaine party by people who wish they weren't addicts. One of the most entertaining and interesting songs by The Eagles. The most absurd one involved "THC" and the active ingredient in marijuana. Just goes to show you anyone can become a physician just by putting "MD" after your name.

So many different interpretations of the song are the cause overlooking what the artists say. Listen to what Felder et al have to say regarding the song/album. How many mothers are just overjoyed at their son/daughter being in the medical field?

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She then started to speak a lot about her boss and later told me that he was looking for a young girl.

We went to his house and she watched TV whilst I had sex with him - a man in his 50s.

At first it was painful, but then I started to enjoy it. Now all the girls in my school envy me as I have the best of everything and now I love the old man. Do you think this sort of sexual abuse is more prevalent than reported, what advice do you give to a young, impressionable child in this position, and more importantly, how can it be stopped?

At this point, I see falling in with a bunch of partiers, a descent into addiction and self-destruction, and then despair at the realization that he has thrown away his life, and also the chance to "Make it Big".

The lines "Lines on the mirror, Lines on her face" clearly refer to cocaine use by a woman who sees herself aging.

We can all imagine driving on a dark highway, seeing lights ahead, and hope to find a good motel to spend the night.