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Being from Florida it could be a number of tribes so I am starting here. We are wanting to do this for only clarification of family history. Any information on Mary Viola Fraser (deceased), Henryetta OK. Lem (Lemuel) deceased (husband), George (desceased) son, Grace Hurst daughter (living), Delia Milton (not sure living or dead), Fred Fraser (desceased), Allie Brasfield (not sure), Ruth Roye (my mother) living, Eugene Fraser (died as infant), Bill Fraser (not sure), Vernon Fraser, Evelyn Feathers, Eliza Lawhorne married Sid Fraser.

All these members of family that lived in Oklahoma but we lost track of them. Posted: January 2002 Martha Dillard Query: I’m looking for information on my ggmother on my father’s side of the family. Every thing up to to this person is documented, and claimed to be of the Saponi Nation.

Yet at least one noted libertarian-leaning conservative who made such an argument at the time was a staunch foe of segregation in public institutions and a promoter of voluntary integration in private ones. Goldwater, who opposed the Civil Rights Act, had pushed to desegregate the Arizona National Guard and the Senate cafeteria, and had ended segregation in the Phoenix department store owned by his family.

But while the libertarian argument against anti-discrimination laws is certainly not racist, it sometimes seems uncomfortably naive (in 1964 or today) about the social realities of Jim Crow.

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Born in Milton, Queens County, he was a son of the late Albert and Florence (Townsend) Thistle.Two of the primary Sports that took place on this mountain were bob sled and ski jump competitions.

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