Validating xml data

24-Aug-2016 15:53

XML applications are software programs that process and manipulate data using XML technologies including XML, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, XPath, Web services, etc.

Stylus Studio already provides many intuitive tools for working with all of the above — and now using XML pipeline you can design a complete XML application from start to finish!

XML Tools Plugin for Notepad This chapter provides notes and tutorial examples on XML Tools Plugin for Notepad .

Topics include downloading and installing Notepad and XML Tools Plugin; generating pretty print XML format; XSD validation; XSLT transformation.

In the following sample XML application, we'll building an order report.

This will involve some XML processing, for example, applying various XML operations (converting, parsing, validating, transforming and publishing XML) on several data sources.

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If you're just looking to get an overview of Stylus Studio's XML Pipeline tools for XML application development, simply just read on./* In the sample example, the source file contains 2 records.

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