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08-Feb-2017 09:48

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I was thinking that calling an Ajax Script every 3 seconds would be the best way to approach this, however my website does not get a new uploaded item that often.It is so variable too, anywhere between 30 seconds and 1 hour!Then do your math (Add 3 apples or whatever) and then rewrite the file.

Some people already know this, and some people have no clue why websites get traffic they just know that they like to blog/build websites.In addition, calling a script every 3 seconds would be pretty tolling on my server, especially if many people are on the same page.I was looking around for something like a push notification for PHP.The more you have as a matter of fact, the more important your content is to get it indexed right away so that the search engine is aware.

Constantly update your site and Google will bring you the love.

This means not only will Google send spiders to your website more often to help you rank for keywords quicker but you’ll rank higher for the keywords you’re targeting as well (well, at least it’ll help).

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