Validating data filemaker

20-Dec-2016 07:16

All that said, you could use a calc field as a work around.

Crate a calculation field in the same table and name it yourfieldname SEARCH, e.g.

The number of related records shown at the bottom of the portal below can be derived using script step will take you from the record you’re currently browsing to its related records on another layout.

It’s extremely powerful and useful, but there’s a catch.

The Lock Icon technique employed in the demo is File Maker Pro 13 only.

If you are working with an earlier version, substitute the Base64 Encoded text with links to a set of global icon fields, or omit the icon and simply use the text field ‘Locked’. I did this by selecting the default Data Entry Only and clicking Duplicate.

I’m going to defer those considerations to the durability section.

Here are a few rules that you might implement in a typical database: Maybe you want to define an identifier field on a table to always be non-empty and unique.

2) Rather than locking an entire record, instead lock specific fields while still allowing some fields to still be edited.

For purposes of this article, we will focus on consistency of the record data.