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23-Sep-2016 22:29

Plainly said, everyone loves him, and so will our daily viewers.” The move gives Seacrest, the multi-hyphenate host and entrepreneur, another big media platform.

He will relocate from Los Angeles to New York for the “Live” gig, but will continue to host his syndicated daily drive-time radio show for L.

Strecker had always considered herself straight, but during the divorce, she developed a friendship, later followed by an intense crush, with a woman -- also named Taylor.

Strecker swears she never got jealous seeing this "friend" kiss other girls until she got admittedly jealous after seeing her kiss one specific girl.

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A.’s KIIS-FM and the weekly “American Top 40” radio program.

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Ripa and Seacrest announced the surprise choice at the start of Monday’s edition of the show, which Ripa has hosted since early 2001.

Their love story was outlined in a recent Women’s Health piece called “How We Went From Best Friends to Girlfriends.” It’s been “about a year” since Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue consciously coupled.

And while the coming out process was “difficult,” Taylor said the families have joined forces.

On June 6, radio host Taylor Strecker came out publicly on her program, “Wake Up With Taylor,” about her first­-ever female relationship after a five-year marriage to a man -- who she affectionately calls her “was­band.”Strecker grew up outside of Boston in a idyllic Catholic household in small town Cohasset, Massachusetts.

She described it as “a Norman Rockwell painting on the water.” She idolizes her parents who she said are both smart and beautiful. Strecker had explicit expectations that Taylor would be as well.

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