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ANYWHERE Develop ROCK SOLID CORE CONFIDENCE in ANY situation Become a fantastic CONVERSATIONALIST: NEVER RUN of things to say Develop the complete lifestyle so women are ORGANICALLY a part of it Learn how to provoke massive sexual lust and ‘dominate’ any night time environment Discover the BEST methods to succeed on your DATES Become TRULY charismatic & magnetic Create deep sexual & emotional connection with women Learn where the best women are.Finally, lead the life you’ve always wanted My dating life, well it’s not something I worry about any more because it has completely transformed.without needing any techniques or "lines" to help them do it. But know this --- Interaction in itself consists of a few key elements: Approaching women and starting conversations, using body language to flirt, create "tension" and attraction, conversation & persuasion skills to build rapport/trust with women, and smoothly transitioning into getting physical without rejection...You might constantly be tearing your hair out, silently beating yourself... " How do they know just the right thing to say at the right time, or when to make a move or how to get a woman interested in them in the first place? Its a physical and emotional response that makes a woman feel like she and you are "ONE".This is a “quick and dirty” set of Tips, Do’s & Dont’s for GUYS on how to plan for the big day and What to do for their girl – A Must-Read for every guy whether you’ve just started dating a girl, or you’ve been married for years. Read on, and follow these guidelines and you will have a very HAPPY and satisfied (and frisky) girl! Write her a Romantic Love Letter, Burned CD, Personal Coupon Book, Scrapbook or Digital Picture Frame, professional Couples photos, Couples Massage or Spa day, Weekend Romantic Getaway (kidnap), Star named after her, Serenade a romantic song to her, or better yet, your Wedding song! 1 Dozen Roses (or, half-Dozen Roses sent to her work/office, and bring the other half when you see her), Fine Chocolates, a cheesy stuffed animal and a nice Restaurant/Dinner out or cooked at home, & a semi-casual but sweet card, “looking forward to the future…” SURPRISE her with a Romantic Weekend Getaway somewhere, Fancy dinner, Limo, Diamond necklace/pendant, or earrings or watch, Surprise her with something fun like have a singing Valentine Gram come to her home & serenade her, Arrive at her home with a horse-drawn carriage like Cinderella and whisk her off, or an old-Fashioned classic Car, Kidnap her, blindfold her and don’t tell her where you’re going.

I went out day and night for several years, approached tens of thousands of woman… I got so good, people began to come to me for advice.We’ve been obsessed with tracking what has worked with our programs.We’ve refined and refined and refined and I am finally ready to release this.By scanning her nonverbal communications (body language and facial expression), I have a general idea of what type of woman is.

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But nonetheless, I give her the benefit of the doubt unless she demonstrates to me otherwise.If you have any questions about this please get in touch with us.