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02-Aug-2016 15:49

Community Policing Forum chairperson Graham Lindhorst said the community welcomed the arrest.

“The girl went to the police station last week and was taken to a doctor who tested her but found no sign of rape.

Yesterday, police spokesperson André Traut confirmed a complaint of sexual assault had been lodged against the man.

“A case of sexual assault of a 9-year-old girl has been reported and the suspect, a 41-year-old male, has been arrested.

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In the past year, the VLC program and its 29 counselors have expanded to 24 locations throughout the U. The program had to be instituted so quickly that there were not enough active-duty JAG officers to fill the positions.“We looked at our active-duty inventory, knew we didn’t have enough, so we went out to our Reserve community,” Fischer-Anderson said.

“We originally had 12 reservists out of our original 29 VLCs and they were much more senior than I originally thought we could get.”The plan originally called for having about 10 victims assigned to each counselor.

He is currently detained in hospital under police guard, due to the injuries sustained when he was assaulted by community members,” said Traut.

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He said the suspect had also decided to lay assault charges against the community members, and police will continue to investigate the matter.Lorenzo Kirby and Charlotte Kirby were both charged with interfering with police and breach of peace, according to the Stamford Advocate.