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The frank comments are typical of this twice-divorced mother of six and graduate of Islamic law, who is in many ways a walking challenge to taboos in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia.Raised a devout girl in a large tribe where she tended sheep, al-Shammary is now a 42-year-old liberal feminist who roots her arguments in Islam, taking on Saudi Arabia’s powerful religious establishment. She spent three months in prison without charge for “agitating public opinion.” She has been barred by the government from traveling abroad. “I have rights that I don’t view as against my religion,” says al-Shammary.

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The 2,000 new messages, dumped on Monday, are the second release in the last four days from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who promised the supposed 50,000 strong email haul from Mr Podesta will provide “significant” insights into the current election campaign.She wrote that having a beard was not what made a man holy or a Muslim.And she pointed out that one of Islam’s staunchest critics during the time of Prophet Muhammad had an even longer beard than him.That will ensure that your message goes to the exact person whom it should, and it gives us all or most of the necessary information up front - thereby allowing us to answer your questions and take care of business in the quickest manner possible!

Founded in 1957, King Saud University is Saudi Arabia’s premier University, and one of the top tertiary institutions in the region.

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