Dating divided back postcards

28-Dec-2016 19:43

m & french pop/rock Le Tour de France: cycling tactics introduction a general history of postcards other means of dating postcards postcards in the united kingdom postcards in the united states of america postcards in france postage stamp values to aid dating postcards glossary of words and terms end notes You find a pretty and interesting postcard in a secondhand bookshop, maybe in France, or on e-bay.But the correspondent did not date their message and the postmark franking on the stamp is smudged. To help make some sense of being able to date old postcards, first we give a short general history of postcards.Great Britain was the first Country to issue divided back postcards in 1902 followed by France and Germany.This quickly led to a sharp increase in card sales.Older cards also continued to be used, often with a hand drawn line down the middle.The advantage to contemporary collectors is that most people of the period stopped writing messages across the card’s image.The card had the address on one side and a message on the other, but no picture.Before this, there were advertising cards that were often hand-delivered.

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This date is often referred to as the birth of the modern postcard for it created the same format that we use today.

The world's oldest postcard was sent in 1840 to the writer Theodore Hook from Fulham in London, England.

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Since this is my blog though and it is about love, I thought I would just talk briefly about how one can be proud of one’s culture and choose a mate that is not of it. Jakes (pastor of a mega church, producer of the movie and author of the book off of which it is based), so I initially had no intention of seeing “Not Easily Broken.” I changed my mind for two reasons: one, because I like to support positive black films when I can and two, one of my favorite bloggers gave it a thumbs up.… continue reading »

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