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KABCThe Doctors A man catches his daughter buying drugs; drinking may lead to a hump back; super bedbugs. KCALThe Talk Hollywood medium Tyler Henry; Victor Garber; Cam performs; Lynda Carter.

Oz Show Magician Penn Jillette tells how he lost 110 pounds; Shaun T's five-minute workout.

Not being able to be labeled so easily has its advantages. I am part of the first generation of women not truly dependent on anyone.

There are moments when this unconventional approach to aging feels freeing, and I can romanticize it. My younger friends haven’t had to make these life choices yet. But for all my freedom, as I age, I’m not always sure where or with whom I belong. And like anything new, the unknown can feel a bit scary. I get joy from work, and that probably keeps me somewhat youthful in disposition. It wasn’t this “decision” written in stone that I wouldn’t get married or have kids. What has happened is I’ve had to let go of the age when all things were possible (32) and started to look at what is (47).

I can make choices that allow me connections with people younger than myself, but I am no longer young.

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'This is a makeunder series in the sense that these women are dressing to an extreme, even more so than we saw on What Not To Wear,' she said.

In addition to her hosting duties and endorsements, London and business partner Cindy Mc Laughlin co-founded Style for Hire—an online service that matches people with personal stylists that live in their area.