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06-Aug-2017 09:22

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A smile bloomed on my lips as I approached."Excuse me," I said to her.

There was a tattoo peeping out from the top of her minidress, a word which I could not decipher.

Knowing the state of my memory, perhaps I did forget...

I didn—uugh—BUGHR—I didn't personally, ya know?

As with any other extreme sexual activity, if you or your playmate experiences any severe discomfort or bleeding then you must stop immediately.

So, you’ve decided to give in to your fisting fascination, but where do you begin?

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It is also a good idea to flush your body with a gentle douche for additional cleanliness. So, you’re feeling HOT and are ready for the next phase of your fun?

Whether you want to fly solo, or enjoy some shared pleasure, you will find everything you need to know in this handy manual, plus some helpful fisting tips to stay healthy.

They are both under 18 years old and "Sexual Assault" is defined as "....forcing, threatening, and having non-consent" and NONE of these apply to this situation.… continue reading »

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