Validating anti surge control systems

25-Apr-2017 08:21

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We analyzed four cases of existing centrifugal compressor systems, three CO compression systems and one off-gas compression system, to study the surge protection availability during ESD.

All compression systems were working well at normal operating condition, but some systems could not avoid surge during ESD.

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Morton® Professional Grade Ice Melter is proven to melt ice even in sub-zero temperatures. Package Size: 50 lb Agri-Fos® is a unique fungicide with curative and protective activity against many pathogens of agricultural, nursery, greenhouse, landscape ornamentals, turf and lawns.

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It contains an exclusive combination of potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride and urea. Package Size: 12 lb shaker jug Magnesium Chloride is safe and effective ice-melt material, melting ice at temperatures as low as -13˚F. Once inside it turns on the natural defense mechanisms of the plant to resist invasion by disease causing pathogens.

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