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This page contains co-op info for Saints Row: The Third on the Playstation 3. No, he’s not getting a PS3, but he is getting the original package the Play Station 3 came in.It’s about 13 inches tall, which turns out to be just the right height from which to position a wireless camera — made by Wi Fi Baby — so that the lens is angled slightly above the crib’s side.When you have a kid as stealthy as ours seemed to be, waking without crying and goofing around at night before falling to sleep, how do you keep an eye on things without disruptively peeking? Or if you’re covering your bases, you get a wireless baby monitor with first-class night vision, recordable media support, a smartphone and tablet app interface the option to check in, securely, whether on your private home network or an away-from-home public one.

Out of the Box Wi Fi Baby, a startup that launched in 2010, makes just such a wireless baby monitor — a custom version of a Y-Cam-manufactured product (it looks like something in Y-Cam’s Cube series).

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