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One of the best is BARE at the Mirage -- an intimate oasis surrounded by trees that offer just enough privacy to encourage European-style sunbathing (European-style = boobs! You may never want to go indoors at a strip club again.

Las Vegas is usually the top choice for industry gatherings, including the adult entertainment industry.

Organizations represented in the collection include the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults and Unesco.

I saw less shirtless bathroom selfies and frat-boy-style snapshots.I've used Ok Cupid before and had some frightful moments when guys would message me saying they "recognized" me from Buzz Feed or NYU (i.e.they totally just Google Image reverse-searched my photos because I mentioned none of those things in my profile.) According to Wolfe, "The choice to include both work and education is to add a bit more context to who each person is. The answers to these two questions add so much depth to understanding if you would be a good match with someone."Yes, it made me a little nervous to display my work and education info on there, but if everyone else was doing it, it only seemed fair."Every modern woman has experienced either firsthand or been out with a friend bearing a desire to talk to 'that cute guy across the room,' but generally doesn't feel comfortable enough to approach him first due to the tacit 'rules' of society," app creator and former Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe told Buzz Feed."Bumble sets the stage for the woman to make the first move, and in turn, show some moxie, which creates a more assured connection on both ends.

The man, because he simply does not have to feel the pressure to 'pick someone up,' feels flattered." "When a woman starts a conversation, there is a sense of appreciation and thrill involved for the man that leads to a really great way for them to play off whatever she says," Wolfe told Buzz Feed.

But, if you're willing to risk the latter in search of the former, have we got a list for you, because these are the naughtiest things to do in Sin City...